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This song is so great, it was used in a commercial and I’m happy to have found it!

  • Question: After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers. - feaydrak
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    This is the second time I got his, because satyrdawn also tagged me, now I finally decided to try it:

    ~ It’s really warm outside and it makes me cranky. Luckily I have an ac upstairs, so at least my dolls are comfortable, spoiled little brats.

    ~ I have a 3 year old dog called Remy, the reason I could have him is so that I would go outside.

    ~ I prefer staying at home, going somewhere even for a day makes me feel nervous and sick days before.  

    ~ Sleeping is one of my favourite things, but I dream a lot and it’s quite tiring. They are often about school and (failing) exams, even though I haven’t been in school for years.

    ~ Some of my dolls have been here for more than 4 years and still haven’t gotten a faceup, partly because mailing them to the artist is scary.

    If you would also like to share 5 random facts about yourself, please consider yourself tagged!


How to give your new beloved dolly a warm welcome:

Jump around with the newly arrived package in your arms.

Squee loudly as you carefully remove all the bubblewrap, perform a thorough inspection, especially concerning fingers, face-up and body details, dismember him/her and put them in a cold bath, cleaning them with care, put the doll on a clean towel, dry them off, using cotton swabs for the stringing channels and let them get accostumed to the hopefully stable temperature in his/her new home.

Find the time to restring them and introduce them to the rest of the family, (doll and/or human) who might seem to look at you as if you’re an idiot.

P.S. Regular fits of happiness accompanied by strange sounds are to be expected for at least a week, wheee!

Photo Set

The great thing with dolls is, that they’ll wait patiently whenever you don’t feel like playing with them for awhile.

I tend to stare at them alot, without taking pictures.

In the first photo you can see Tengu now has jointed hands!

The rest of the pictures are items I found in a shop nearby and were too cute not to buy: a (working) little kitchen, 

some pots and pans, cutlery and a basket filled with miniature foodpackagings.

There are also some new dolls waiting for me to dress them…

Photo Set

This was the farewell shoot with my Elfdoll June.

The dress fit her so well, I really need a girl with SD13 measurements!

Photo Set

I will reach toward the light,

discard this empty shell,

let my soul take flight.


"Use logic. This entire PRO/ANTI recast debate started because ANTI-recast threw the first stone. Imagine a world BEFORE any of this (before recasts showed up) and how the first recast came to a meet (or a forum), and how many shits did the owner had to take from the anti. If anti-recast would have accept this doll (even if don’t share the same opinion) and kept their mouth shut, none of this never ending dispute will be here. So plz don’t ask me to worry about how YOU feel when your side started this."

- #34 (via recastconfessions)

Oh please, the discussion started when that first person
decided to buy a recast, showing how they don’t care about
the creators and ‘making fun of’ (understatement) us who have worked, saved and waited to make sure the talented,
hardworking artist received the money they deserve!

Source: recastconfessions
Photo Set

This shall be called: 'Iron your darn backdrop before using it!'

Photo Set

1. My 2 70 cm Fukubukuro’s arrived last week!

2. Oh great, now I have a steampunk gangster and a hippie pirate…

3. Sorrow: Well, at least we have pants now.:)

Roderich and Vincent are lost in thought, as always.

4. Luv: Make way for your queen, peasants.

5. Luv: This is your lucky day, as you may bask in the blinding light of my presence, hohoho.

Sorrow: You need to shut up, old woman.

6.  Ah, my dear Vincent, thinking about food again?

7.  Luv mumbling: Calling me an old woman, how very dare he,

I am of royal blood, if my servants were here, he’d be kissing my polished boots right now! 

They are such a handful, but I do love how they look in those beautiful Dollheart clothes!


Asian-Ball-Jointed-Doll Giveaway


Its that time of year again.Since last year’s giveaway was a smashing success, as promised, I’m doing it again! Good luck!

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The Prize:

  • One lucky Tumblr blogger will receive ONE ABJD (Asian-Ball-Jointed-Doll) from any legitimate company for up to $500 not…

How could I not reblog this?!

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